Сергей Ладиков публикует объявление
7 сентября 2016, 15:43
г. Ялта, спуск Гагаринский, 9
Цена: 235 000 долл Цена за м²: 2 938 долл Площадь: 80 м²
Attention is invited to supervidovoy apartment in a newly built residential complex "Zazerkalie" on the secondary market by the owner.
Open-plan apartment of 80 sq.m. Located on the 6th floor of 19-storey residential complex. Windows and a balcony facing south-east side with a scenic view of Yalta bay and evergreen Seaside Park.
Residential complex "Zazerkalie" is located in one of the most beautiful places in the city - Seaside Park, just 156 meters from the sea. The architecture of the complex is made in the style of modern minimalism.
The uniqueness of the location, functional layout, really well-developed infrastructure and additional services provided by the guests of the complex are the undeniable advantage of new apartments in Yalta.
Today this place is the most attractive for investment! Such apartments in the complex there are only four for the price of 19.25 to 24.36 million rubles.
Primorskiy Park always was and is the most expensive and prestigious place in Yalta. Property prices in Primorskiy Park never went down, even in the face of crises. The average cost per square meter in the construction of the complex Primorskiy Garden is 320 000 rubles. Primorskiy Park - the only place on the southern coast, where there are no unfinished complex.
The complex, which is located deep in the park and at the same time is within walking distance of all the city's infrastructure. Separately, it is worth noting the absence of vehicular traffic in the park, and the ability to get to the complex bypassing traffic jams.
At the disposal of the inhabitants of almost 2 hectares landscaped area - this area can not be allocated any complex in the seaside park.
An important advantage of the complex is its own (not citywide) beautiful beaches.
Multifunctional infrastructure and services in a complex solve all household guests' questions.
a great restaurant;
Lobby bar;
Spa complex, a beauty salon;
a children's club, a drawing room, a room for modeling;
4 hurovnevy underground parking for 120 cars with lifts for lowering / lifting vehicles;
the entire infrastructure water park "Atlantida" with 50% discount
Own management company ensures maintenance of the complex in good condition at a high level throughout the year.
Many years of experience and reputation of the customer and general contractor in the construction of high-quality modern facilities.

The buyer does not pay commission!
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